The V16 Cadilac Powerd 23 Dodge Roadster, Mounted on a 32 Ford Frame.
The V16 Cadilac, 23 Dodge Roadster at Bob Richards Saint Patricks
Day Party.
Bob Blake had passed away on 10-17-04, at an age of 71, he had fulfilled most of his desird
dreams.  Bob was a grandfather as well as a great grandfather.  He had two children, as well 1
grandson, 1 great grandson, 1 great grandaughter 4 grandaughters.  He loved and is loved by
many.  He had 1 main ring of people that he really loved being around outside of his family, and that
was his car people.  He was on of the first to do many things in the car industry, even as far back as
the early fifties.  As you can see by the above car, he had this car back in the early fifties, and we
have restored it to exactly how he had it when he was a teenager.  He had gotten more joy out of
this car, then anyone has ever seen him.  He was always a kindered man to many.  He passed for
the reasons of heart comlications.  Please share your thoughts about Bob on this guestbook below.